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Open RP

Last few nights Crystal had been tortured by nightmares. Nightmares where everything she touched turned to dust, everything she tried to hold on would shatter into million tiny pieces and everyone she saw would vanish the second she tried to call out to them. It was uncommon for her to dream at all so this was really getting to her psyche. Hard. 

She had felt like she was haunted and trying to keep up and do her work while her own thoughts were that distracting it took all her energy to light up the simplest of wishes. It wasn’t for long before she had given up for the day. There had to be something she could do to get rid of those dreams.

For few days she didn’t sleep at all. Keeping up and doing her thing as she flew all over the world, but the longer she stayed up, the more often flashes of her dreams would pop up in her head and they were bothering her even more than the dreams. There was something wrong with her and she had to find out someone who could help her. This seemed to be something she couldn’t deal alone.

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“Oh.”  Myla relaxed soon after the girl explained to her.  She gave a nod and a little sheepish smile.  ”Didn’t know that,” the moonbeam explained quietly.  Well, this was rather embarrassing.

"I probably should think before I say things", Crystal chuckled lightly, running hand through her bangs, "Like that’s gonna happen."

She kept flying beside her and the feeling of awkward quietness was getting too much for her. “Umm.. What’s your favorite place on earth?” It was pathetic attempt of small-talk, but it had been too quiet.

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His eyes danced in mirth. “Ah, someone with a sense of humor. Finally,” he drawled as he stepped closer to her. “And, what made it seem like a good idea to step into my forest?” he asked her. Ignoring the fact that all who come into his forest do so not under their own will. The darkness will swallow all that it can, for it refuses to differentiate.

It was a reflex to move slightly away as he stepped closer. Even if she wasn’t scared it didn’t mean she was stupid. Her guards were up and there was no way she would underestimate the situation. “Who said I thought it was a good idea? Maybe I like bad ideas or maybe I simply was curious.” The forest around her felt alive, suffocating even, so the feeling inside her told her she should leave. Her wings twitched as she took more distance between herself and the Nightmare King.